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Harga HP HTC Site Pirate bay is known as a hotbed of pirated content. Visitors to the site it also can easily find movies, music, gaming applications until desired without having to buy it, of course, the content is pirated. 

But now pembesut Pirate Bay site was dogged upset. Because the logo picture pirate ship hijacked pride in their turn by other sites. 

In fact, the site made CIAPC which is an anti-piracy group that has the exact same layout with the Pirate Bay. Only differ on the logo using the pirate ship images started to sink. 

Of course that has angered Pirate Bay remembering what was done by the anti-piracy group is impressed booed Pirate Bay as a provider of pirated content. 

Quoted from Gizmodo, on Tuesday (02/19/2013), the Pirate Bay is not standing still respond to it because recently they denounce what CIAPC for copyright infringement in the jurisdiction of Finland. 

Although initially intended only to show CIAPC Harga Blackberry parody version of the site Pirate Bay, but it seems the law in Finland do not care about these things and still be legally prosecuted. 

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Harga HP Lenovo McDonalds and Burger King is a fast food giants are competing. Shocking news came on the Twitter account of Burger King who reported they purchased a McDonalds.

"We recently sold at McDonalds!," Written in Twitter posts Burger King, quoted from CNNMoney, Tuesday (02/19/2013).

McDonalds logo appeared replaces Burger King on Twitter profile picture.Complete with information that Burger King has been purchased by McDonalds.

Investigate a investigate, it turns out that all were caused by hackers who take over Burger King account. Finally closing the Twitter account of Burger King in the attack.

"Burger King has Twitter account hacked. We work closely with the administrators to close the account until we are able to restore the site to the original post," said Bryson Thornton, a spokeswoman for Burger King.

It is not certain who the perpetrators of Harga HP Asus the attack. McDonalds Parties also expressed sympathy at Burger King.

"We sympathize with fellow @ BurgerKing. We have nothing to do with the hacking," a statement from McDonalds.